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This is my first review of a group that I was old enough to remember the triumphant beginnings of. Run The Jewels (RTJ) was born from the criminal minds of El-P and Killer Mike. You might remember Killer Mike from his appearances on Outkast stuff. Traces of Outkast, mostly known for their appearance in Mom’s Spaghetti (hip-hop blog), can be found in the DNA of RTJ. They have three albums and here are some other facts:


  • The dynamic duo was introduced by Jason DeMarco (an exec. at Cartoon Network) which is strange because they coincidentally have an Adult Swim appeal reminiscent of Madvillain and Flying Lotus.


  • Their first album was released in 2013 as a digital download FOR FREE.


  • For promotional reasons, RTJ started the “Tag The Jewels” movement which encouraged graffiti artists to tag their famous album art on stuff around the world. Sounds illegal!


Huge fan. This is the kind of heavy bass and badass beat hip-hop that made me want to start this blog. I am not all too familiar with what kind of sound I would classify this as, perhaps, Atlanta has something to do with it. RTJ is just a fun group and they were on Portlandia, which is cool because that means they’re game for fun.

The first track on this album is called Run The Jewels. That’s right. If you want, you can listen to Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels. That first track is so explosive. It hooked me immediately and I bet it would hook you if you gave it a dang chance to. Favorite track on the record is probably Get It. Like the name suggests, the track really goes for it in ways that I can only describe as a casino robbery. Good news for RTJ, since they are of this generation you can look forward to upcoming performances and albums from them.


Run the Jewels, also known by the initialism RTJ, is an American hip hop duo consisting of rapper/producer El-P and rapper Killer Mike. They released their acclaimed debut studio album, Run the Jewels, as a free digital download in 2013.

Producer: El-P; Little Shalimar (co.); Wilder Zoby (co.)
Released: June 26, 2013
Length: 32:58
Members: Killer Mike, El-P

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